Film Friendly GA is the most comprehensive location services company for the commercial, television and motion picture industry in Georgia.

About the TV & Film Industry in Georgia

Georgia has more than 800 film and television projects under its belt since 1972. We had over 200 new projects in 2013 and expect that number to continue to grow each year. Georgia boasts one of the deepest, most-experienced and affordable crew bases in the country, with more than 30,000 working professionals according to the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. Television shows, TV commercials and major motion pictures film here every day.

Film Friendly GA is your location concierge. Location managers & scouts have access to our extensive location database any time, anywhere, on any device. If it’s not in our database, we’ll get it for you! Our job is to make your job and the location scouting process as smooth as possible. Your search stops here at Film Friendly GA!