About the TV and Film Industry in Georgia

Film Friendly GA is the most comprehensive location services company in Georgia.

We represent the property owners as a service to the industry.

About the TV & Film Industry in Georgia
Georgia has more than 800 film and television projects under its belt since 1972. Film Friendly GA provided our first film location in 2013. The State of Georgia had over 200 new projects in 2013, and expect that number to continue to grow each year.

We represent property owners as a service to the industry.

What We Do

  • File Pull
    Give us your script and or location breakdown and we'll send you properties that fit the location criteria.
  • Negotiate
    We'll negotiate a mutually collaborative Location Agreement with production on behalf of the location owner.
  • Site Rep
    We'll provide trained site representative(s) on each Location during every aspect of the production process. A site rep is on Location throughout the day during all prep, shoot & strike days.
  • Concierge
    We'll meet you and your production team at the airport and show you "our" Atlanta.
  • Fire Marshal
    We'll assist production in "putting out fires" as they happen.